Mars Blog

About Mars.js

Now It's jQuery plog, but soon it comes to JS lib and you can make your webpage faster!
If you like the jQuery plog, you can sae that in an e-mail to me. Now You can use it how do you use another jQuery plogs. By typing:

                $(your tag).MarsCard({

                    title: "Hello World",
                    subTitle: "It's first Post!",
                    date: "10/31/2020",
                    time: "7:49",
                    text: "It's first post. Powered by Mars-v1.0.js",
                    imgUrl: "ass/IMG/bgi1.jpg",

Also you can use html tags in it. You can don't use all of this properties.
But wait a moment! You most call Modal function to com more likely, with this codes :
--- Have a good time with this jQuery plog!